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    Default Including contentfrom another server

    What is the ASP way to include content from another server? In PHP this would be require, in Miva it&#039;s MvCALL. <BR>

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    Default What kind of content?

    Though, in general, the answer is: You can&#039;t, without an extra component. Even then, you can&#039;t include ASP content, only HTML content.<BR><BR>See the articles on ASPTear on 4GuysFromRolla.<BR><BR>[ The reason ASP content is not allowed is because it would be a big security hole! Somebody might post a seemingly innocent ASP "helper" routine and encourage you to use it in your pages. You do so. Then, for one hour some day perhaps, they replace the innocent routine with one that goes in and steals everything they can find on your hard drive! After all, ASP (via the FileSystemObject) has complete access to your innermost secrets! Maybe it just wipes out all the files it can find. Maybe it installs a virus. Maybe... Well, you don&#039;t want this, trust me! ]<BR><BR>

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