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    Default Compiling Server Side Code

    I&#039;m using Jscript as the SS language. Has anyone done a lot of this and moved to compiling the code. I know Mozilla has a JavaScript compiler, but from my brief overview of it, it didn&#039;t look like it would be of any help.<BR><BR>I&#039;m interested in compiling for two reasons. <BR>1. Performance. Would I get much performance increase?<BR>2. Distribution. I may be interested in distributing my work, and would like to protect my code. <BR><BR>

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    Default Then ASP.NET is your answer

    Go to MS and take a look at ASP.NET which allows you to COMPILE your code! Its still in beta though, and knowing MS it will continue to be in beta for all eternity even if they do put a release label on it.

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