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    Curtis Guest

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    does ASP support this?<BR>I am trying to append 3 variables together, but I want a new line in between them.<BR>Right now I have:<BR>emailName = "Me" & vbNewLine<BR>emailPhone = "123-45678" & vbNewLine<BR>emailComments = "Blah" & vbNewLine<BR><BR>emailText = emailName & emailPhone & emailComments

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    Yes it supports vbNewLine<BR><BR>You won&#039;t see it on HTML though... it only does it&#039;s job in the VIEW SOURCE. Is this why you think it&#039;s not working?

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    Curtis Guest

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    yeah, it does work. I sent myself an email an it formats it just fine. I never thought about the html implications.

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    oiadd Guest

    Default RE: vbNewLine? ghost is right!

    you might need to include <BR>response.write "<BR>"<BR>into your variable

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    oiadd Guest

    Default RE: vbNewLine? ghost is right!

    response.write" "<BR><BR>there&#039;s a bug in this forum!<BR><BR>the html tag for br doesn&#039;t show when submitted!!

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