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    How can I refresh a window using ASP code and not using the Refresh button ??<BR><BR>Thank you for the help.

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    The &#060;meta&#062; tag has the capability to refresh a page at intervals.research it&#039;s attributes.

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    depends-<BR><BR>are you using a form or do you need a refresh after a certain period of time?..<BR><BR>let&#039;s look at the first can refresh the page by simply redirecting to the original asp..when you submit a form and the action is set to the original asp page the page automatically refreshes..or you can have a button and redirect using <BR><BR>&#060;input type="reset" value="reset" onClick="location.href=&#039;form.asp&#039;"&#062; <BR><BR>using a timer- create a sub in your asp and then declare a refresh after the timer expires<BR><BR>Sub TLdelaySec(DelaySeconds)<BR>SecCount = 0<BR>Sec2 = 0<BR>While SecCount &#060; DelaySeconds + 1<BR>Sec1 = Second(Time())<BR>If Sec1 &#060;&#062; Sec2 Then<BR>Sec2 = Second(Time())<BR>SecCount = SecCount + 1<BR>End If<BR>Wend<BR>End Sub<BR>TLdelaySec(2) <BR>Response.Redirect "form.asp" %&#062;<BR><BR><BR>hope this helps someone!

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