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    Hello, <BR>I have the same field in two different tables which will be having diferent values. I need to write a SQL statement which selects the values by comparing both the tables but the same field. how do i write it? <BR>I can make it still more clear...i have a table which contains old jobs which is identifies by job code and one more table with new jobs again identifies by job code. i have to display the search results according to the jobcode which matches the criteria. how can i write the SQL statement to achieve what i want? <BR><BR>Thanks, <BR>keerthi

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    Use a union query:<BR><BR>"Select OldJobs.JobCode, OldJobs.JobName From OldJobs<BR>Union Select NewJobs.JobCode, NewJobs.JobName From NewJobs<BR>Where JobCode = 53"<BR><BR>Remeber that the fields returned from each table MUST match. If they have different fieldnames, you will need to use an alias.

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    Try INNER JOIN.<BR><BR>Sample:(This is for selecting a specificate ID [tra_id])<BR><BR>SELECT Translation.tra_id, Translation.author, TranslationData.* FROM Translation <BR>INNER JOIN TranslationData ON Translation.tra_id = TranslationData.tra_id <BR>WHERE (((Translation.tra_id)=" & tra_id

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