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    John Gevers Guest

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    On a certain webpage, I&#039;ve got a textfield. <BR>When you fill the textfield with e.g. 03-02-2001 ,the file 03-02-2001.dfx in the directory N:DOKUMENT_DAGVERS must execute. How can I realize this? I&#039;ve tried a lot, but it still doesn&#039;t work. Can you please help me?

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    Arky Guest

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    Are you talking about server-side or client-side execution of this file?

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    John Gevers Guest

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    The file is restored on a server, but people must be able to open it from a intranetsite by only typing the name of the file, without extension. By pressing a button named "Open", the file must open automatically. <BR>This is servername and the path :<BR>file://Hwpsrv1/BR2-Expl/Dagversl/01-02-00.pdx

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    Arky Guest

    Default RE: opening a file and view the documentation on FILESYSTEMOBJECT. it has exactly what your looking for.

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