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    I&#039;m building a system for a kind of booklibrary. Information is collected in several steps (forms) and this information must be inserted into a database (MS SQL Server). The tables within the database are related.<BR>My question is the following:<BR>-must I save up all the collected variables and insert them on the last page (done by a stored procedure or query)<BR>-or can I insert the variables after each page.<BR>The danger of the last method is, that users won&#039;t complete the whole process.<BR><BR>should I store the vaiables in a cookie? don&#039;t think so?<BR><BR>Michiel

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    A good way would be to store up the varaibles a page at a time and pass them on in hidden form fields. You could then submit the mall at once.

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    Thanks Dave.<BR>My feeling was right. I have made a script that &#039;catches&#039; all the variables on every from and posts them along with the new inserted variables through a type=hidden. I think this is the best way. Inserting the variables into the database one step at the time is too risky!<BR>

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