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    Francis F Guest

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    I can't seem to find the answer to my question anywhere. Here it is: What is the best way to capture Checkbox information from a form and write it to to a database? In my situation, Users have to be able to select their preferences as they fill out a client profile. I have set up 2 tables, Users and Preferences in an Access DB. The Users table will capture username, name, address, etc. while the Preferences table has preferenceID, username and preferences as the fields. Users can select as many as 15 preferences so I figured it would be better to use 2 tables. I can't figure out how to capture the Checkbox info and write to the Preferences table. Should I even have these 2 tables? Please help!

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    The value attribute of the checkbox component on your form ie<BR>&#060;input id="thisID" value="thisPreference" type="checkbox" name="thisCheckBoxName"&#062;<BR><BR>is captured using;<BR><BR>myVariable = response.forms("checkbox_name").<BR><BR>If the checkbox isn&#039;t selected it does not exist in the forms collection. This help ?

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    Thank you Dave! I&#039;ll give it a try!

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