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    rup Guest

    Default date problem

    i only want a calendar to be associated with the textbox and user can select from date from the list and it get updated in the same textbox

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    Default Ok.. I have to reply to this one..

    This is the second time I read this post, please re-phrase this question for us. You still don&#039;t understand what you want. I mean you just blurt out "calendar, textbox, select from list, and then textbox..." ????<BR><BR>Try explaining in more detail please, then we might be able to help you by understanding the question.<BR><BR>Vadim C.

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    rup Guest

    Default RE: Ok.. I have to reply to this one..

    we have a calendar control in asp that canbe linked to a textbox i.e. whenever we clicked or start filling the textbox a calendar will be displayed and user can select date from that control and fill the textbox now you can understand the problem otherwise sorry

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    Justin Bonaparte Guest

    Default Calendar scripts


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