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    I want to open a new page passing the value from a Dynamic ListMenu. Almost<BR>everything works, I say almost because the value that gets passed is always<BR>the first TeamID in the list and not the one selected.<BR><BR>Can anybody tell me what I am doing wrong? I guess I&#039;m just missing a real<BR>simple bit to tell it to send the selected item..<BR><BR>Thanks<BR>Dave<BR>--------------<BR>I have added a Go To URL on the onChange event of the &#060;select&#062; and told it<BR>to use these parameters:<BR><BR>TeamDisplayInfo.asp?TeamID=&#06 0;%=(TeamsPremier.Fields.Item("TeamID").Value)%&#0 62;<BR><BR>-------------<BR>Do I add this to the form as a POST action?? This is what it populates.<BR><BR>TeamDisplayInfo.asp?TeamID=&#060 ;%=(TeamsPremier.Fields.Item("TeamID").Value)%&#06 2;

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    Vijaya Seshan Guest

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    You can call a Javascript function on change event and then submit the form like this:<BR>function submitform(){<BR>var selectedId;<BR>selectedId = document.formname.listname[document.formname.listname.selectedIndex].value;<BR>document.formname.action = "TeamDisplayInfo.asp?TeamID=" + selectedId;<BR>document.formname.submit();<BR>}

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    Dave C Guest

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    Million thanks. This works a treat :-)

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