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    can somebody tell me if i am showing a table on the asp page at runtime when user presses tab button a new blank row get added to it without refreshing that page and i can write in that row and it get updated to the database.its urgent thanks in advance

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    I don&#039;t understand your question....<BR><BR>You have a "table" in an HTML page. You would be in the last row, and would click *tab* which would create a new row that has a *form* where you can send that text into a database??? <BR><BR>I realy don&#039;t follow. ASP is server-side, and gets translated once by the server into HTML code. So if you were anyways to add a row, you would HAVE to get a page refresh. Either use JavaScript or VBScript... To change a table&#039;s dimensions, you can&#039;t do it on the fly anyways I think, the contents yes but not size.<BR><BR>Explain it more, or re-iterate the question. Sorry, just we can help you better like that. <BR><BR>Regards,<BR><BR>Vadim C.

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