I am trying to add/update my db tables but because each entry from the form is to 3 tables in the db i had to use 3 recordsets and now i am totally confused, could anybody help me please, im lost.<BR><BR>My SQL statement is :<BR><BR>SQL = "SHAPE {SELECT Passdown_Hdr.ID, Passdown_Hdr.Report_Date, " & _ <BR> "Passdown_Hdr.Shift FROM Passdown_Hdr}" & _ <BR> " APPEND({SELECT Passdown_Worker.Name, Passdown_Worker.Worker_Shift_No, Passdown_Worker.ID " & _ <BR> "FROM Passdown_Worker} AS Passdown_Worker " & _ <BR> " RELATE ID TO ID), " & _ <BR> " ({SELECT Line_No, Category, Message, Highlight, Update_Time, Rex, SB, ID FROM Passdown_line} AS Passdown_line " & _ <BR> " RELATE ID TO ID)" <BR><BR>cmdDC.CommandText = SQL<BR><BR>Set HdrRecordSet = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")<BR><BR>HdrR ecordSet.Open cmdDC, , 0, 2<BR><BR>And the code for the add button is:<BR><BR>If Request.Form("btnAdd") = "Add" Then<BR> HdrRecordSet.AddNew<BR> HdrRecordSet.Fields("Report_Date") = Request.Form("txtReport_Date")<BR> HdrRecordSet.Fields("Shift") = Request.Form("txtShift")<BR> HdrRecordSet.Update<BR> Set rsIdentity = conDB.Execute("SELECT @@IDENTITY as p_address_id FROM Passdown_Hdr")<BR> iaddress_id = rsIdentity("p_address_id")<BR><BR> Set WorkerRecordset = HdrRecordSet("Passdown_Worker").Value<BR> WorkerRecordSet.AddNew<BR> WorkerRecordSet.Fields("ID") = iaddress_id<BR> WorkerRecordSet.Fields("Name") = Request.Form("txtName")<BR> WorkerRecordSet.Fields("Worker_Shift_No") = Request.Form("txtWorker_Shift_No")<BR> WorkerRecordSet.Update<BR><BR> Set lineRecordset = HdrRecordSet("Passdown_line").Value<BR> lineRecordSet.AddNew<BR> lineRecordset.Fields("ID") = iaddress_id<BR> lineRecordset.Fields("Line_No") = Request.Form("txtLine_No")<BR> lineRecordset.Fields("Category") = Request.Form("txtCategory")<BR> lineRecordset.Fields("Message") = Request.Form("txtMessage")<BR> lineRecordset.Fields("Highlight") = Request.Form("txtHighlight")<BR> lineRecordset.Fields("Update_Time") = Request.Form("txtUpdate_Time")<BR> lineRecordset.Fields("Rex") = Request.Form("txtRex")<BR> lineRecordset.Fields("SB") = Request.Form("txtSB")<BR> lineRecordSet.Update<BR><BR> Added = "True"<BR> <BR>End If <BR><BR>If i could get the add form working i could then apply that to my Update form, Could anybody provide me with a solution please as i have been trying for the last 6 hours without success and its driving me crazy!!!! <BR><BR>Eternal gratitude in advance,<BR>Tom <BR><BR>