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    Horatiu Ionescu Guest

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    I have to store some firms in a database, and I have a group of keywords for each firm.The user must find a firm using one or more keywords or an expression.How can I do this with ASP? How should I organize my Access Database ? Could you point to some useful articles ?<BR>

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    I would assume you would have a table with FirmID(AutoNumber field) firmname, street, city, State,etc.. etc.. etc.. <BR><BR>then you could just search using <BR><BR>Select * From Table Where FirmName Like &#039;%" & Request.form("FirmName") & "%&#039;" or what ever field(s) you want to search on

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    Horatiu Guest

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    The users must enter a keyword or more in a formular...and find<BR>the firms matching the keyword(s).I have 20-30 or more keywords assigned to each firm.How can I do this ?

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