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    If you get a minute read my post below. Subject: Found it

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    If you get a minute read my post below. Subject: Found it <BR><BR>&#060;snicker&#062;<BR><BR>

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    Major grin. I&#039;ve been playing with it myself and can&#039;t seem to do a thing. One thing I did realize is that the recruiter certifications will NOT have a date attached so I took that out of the EPC table. The field was CertYear. Oh and I added room for 12 skills and 6 certs. Not that it matters now that I have the normalization down. Also, one thing I noticed in the testing, once you select a skill and an experience level there is no way to remove one if you need to. I went to the Newbie page at Clearview and looked at the example there, the one that does badges, but didn&#039;t think that code would work. Wait..or would it? Instead of building an array with the selections just use the remove code to remove 1 from the allSkills or allCert?? I&#039;ll try that. Thanks Bill I check e-mails later.

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