any1 knows if it really matter if objects are closed and set to nothing once used? i know thats the way it should be done, but sometimes it just cannot be closed cause i&#039;m getting errors. i&#039;ve packed everything into the component, registered tthat on my server, and for example inside theres sth like that (maybe not exacly, its only example):<BR><BR>mySQL="DELETE * FROM table_name;"<BR>Set rekordRS=polaczenie.Execute(mySQL)<BR><BR>rekordRS =nothing<BR>rekordRS.close<BR><BR>polaczenie is already set connection to database, and error usually is:<BR><BR>cannot delete from rekord when its closed<BR><BR>or sth similar, cannot update etc.. what if i leave it open, or i just set rekordRS to nothing. theres will be probably memory leak or sth but does it really slows down the server or maybe server somehow clears that stuff out after some period of time or sth like that?