Auto timing events...via asp?

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Thread: Auto timing events...via asp?

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    Hi,<BR><BR>I have a small web site. I would a file i want to get overwritten each night at midnight with a blank copy. I have the code all set with the file system object etc...but I have to trigger the event each night by submitting a little button I have on a small form. Is there anyway to make the server do this automatically? I do not own the server...I am on a host site so I can&#039;t set the server to do it. On a different site I have a trigger that does a copy automatically when the first person visits the site in the morning...but for my newer site I want the server or code to do the overwite independant of someone coming to the page. Did that make sense?<BR><BR>Thanks for any advice.

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    Default WSH

    Researh wsh. Try here

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