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    Hi,<BR> I have to design couple of asp pages where the customer enters the data. I do not want to use data base to store data, instead i want to store the data(around 500 records) in a flat file. <BR><BR> What types of flat files can i use so that it is easy for data retreival and to enter data also.<BR><BR> I want to know if there is a different flat file other than notepad.<BR><BR> Please suggest me the best ways, to store data using flat files<BR><BR> Thank You<BR><BR>

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    Default Only one kind...

    Text files.<BR><BR>Which are incredibly crappy places to store info.<BR><BR>Go see the ASPFAQs (link at top right of this page) and the category "FileSystemObject" to see some of the horrible limitation of using files.<BR><BR>Get smart. Be smart. Change your mind and use a database. You will *not* regret it!<BR><BR>

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