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Thread: Kind of new, should I be here?

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    I want to start posting to sites that may help me learn more but don&#039;t want to aggravate experienced users. Is this a site that newbies should be posting also? if not can you suggest sites? <BR><BR>I&#039;ve started to be responsible for our website and although I can follow what most of the code is doing, this one has me stumped. <BR><BR>After downloading the site to my Windows2000 server, I have an error happening when my mouse goes over an item in a menu that is supposed to drop down a submenu (javascript stuff). The menu works fine for selections that don&#039;t drop down. It doesn&#039;t happen on the website, just on my downloaded version.<BR><BR>the debugger points to this code-&#062; document.all[lname].style.visibility="visible"<BR><BR>the error says: "Error &#039;document.all[....] style&#039; is null or not an object"<BR><BR>Do I need to add some things to my test server that is already on the production server?<BR><BR>Thanks for any help<BR>

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    Default Sure! But...

    ...this forum is dedicated to ASP, and your question is, after all, about HTML (and client-side JavaScript). Although many here are "up" on JS, it&#039;s not our primary focus and you might get answers faster by finding a JS group. I&#039;m not up on all the JS resources out there, but one place to start might be and their JS FAQ list.<BR><BR>As for your error: Did you change browsers? document.all is *ONLY* available with MSIE browsers, and even then I think only version 4 and higher. Netscape will barf on your feet at that.<BR><BR>Also: The error *seems* to indicate that it isn&#039;t seeing "lname" as a legal index of the "all" array. If you *are* using MSIE, did you check to see if "lname" contains what you expect it to?<BR><BR>Finally: I don&#039;t think any of this *could* have anything to do with the *SERVER*. How can what happens on the server affect what happens in the JS code on the client? Unless, of course, you are using ASP code to produce the JS code???<BR><BR><BR>

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