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    LittlePaul Guest

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    The important lines:<BR> textfile = oRS.Fields("cvfilename")<BR> set wfile=fs.opentextfile textfile<BR><BR>The error:<BR> Expected end of statement<BR> set wfile=fs.opentextfile textfile<BR><BR>Works when i use <BR> set wfile=fs.opentextfile ("e:...file1.txt")<BR>but i want to get the filename from a database. Have tried enclosing textfile in quotes, brackets and bread :P<BR><BR>Any ideas? tia, lp<BR><BR>

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    LittlePaul Guest

    Default ah ha, diff. reason

    The problem isnt the enclosure of the textfile variable afetr all, ( using (textfile) works).<BR>The problem is actually that i ahve to put a whole directory structure in. is instead of just "artist/file1.txt", i have to put "d:inetpubwwwrootprojectartistfile1.txt". Is there are away around this? not vital, but would be handy.<BR><BR>cheers, lp

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