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    Hi<BR> Im working on the Session. In my view when we use session first we, pass some value to sotre by form second we retrive <BR>the stored value, THE PROBLEM IS how to retrive these value<BR>that a user input through a form.<BR> "SYNTAX PLZZZ"<BR><BR>thanx

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    To store a value in a session variable you can say<BR>session("sessionvariablename")=your form control value<BR>This will create a session level variable with name as sessionvariablename.<BR><BR>To retireve the session value in a form control or variable you can say<BR><BR>var1=session("sessionvariablename") or<BR>&#060;input type=text value="&#060;%= session("sessionvariablename") %&#062;"&#062;<BR>

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