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    How can I provide a user with the facility to upload files (i.e. HTML documents onto a web server, using ASP.<BR><BR>Any ideas?<BR>

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    Default component

    If you&#039;re interested in using a component (easiest way) to do it, let me know. I found a cheap and easy one that I&#039;ve used on a few projects. The documentation examples that came with it aren&#039;t all that great, but like I said, I&#039;ve used it a few times, so I&#039;ve gotten used to how it works and can probably help if you run into problems. Otherwise, you can do it completely in asp, but from what I&#039;ve seen, it can get pretty complicated to try to pull off. If you&#039;re interested, email me at cakewalkr7@aol.com.

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