In IIS there is a possibility to specify a default document in a web site. If no page is stated in the URL location bar, this document will be loaded as a default.<BR><BR>It does indeed loads the specified page but there is a problem.<BR>My page is located a folder like /folder1/folder2/my_page.asp.<BR>The images however, are NOT found.<BR><BR>I suspect that the IIS treats the default document like it was in the web&#039;s root folder so the links are interpreted this way and are not found.<BR><BR>For example, my page has the following image source<BR><BR>&#060;img src="../../pic.gif"&#062;<BR><BR>The page is located in /folder1/folder2/my_page.asp<BR><BR>The images are NOT shown.<BR><BR>If you navigate to this page everything looks good.<BR><BR>Only when the IIS loads it as a default document this problem occur and ONLY if it NOT in the root folder.