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    i have a number of webpages, which i need to protect from anauthorised users. i need to do it using Windows NT username. i am able to force the Windows NT dialog box. but how can i check the entered username against a set of valid usernames.<BR>please help

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    Set the web up to use Windows NT Challenge Response and let NT take care of it for does it quite well :-)

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    Hi,<BR><BR>What windows authentication method are you using? You said you are using NT, so why don&#039;t you simply compare to those who have the Windows NT account (called HTTP Authentication)? I mean if you already have the pop-up, what is the issue exactly? <BR><BR>If this is for a large pool of users, *then* this method can be cumbersome to add user NT accounts (unless you use a third party tool, like ASPUser). <BR><BR>Are you using a database at all? If you are you can use that simply to authenticate, or even Hybrid Authentication where you have a combo of Database and "password request pop-up" window.<BR><BR>So those are some solutions, look into them, see which one fits your requirements. To recapitulate, here they are in short form:<BR><BR>1) Simply HTTP Authentication, uses NT account info &#060;&#060;the one you seem to require with NT authentication&#062;&#062;<BR>2) Database comparisson<BR>3) Hybrid Authentication<BR><BR>Hope this helped you,<BR><BR>Vadim C.

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