Ok, I am using the program ASP Upload to upload files.<BR><BR>I am able to go through all the tutorial of setting up a DB and adding my images to the DB.<BR><BR>What I can&#039;t find anywhere is adding TEXT and my IMAGE to the same INPUT string.<BR><BR>What I mean is the tutorial shows me how to input the name of the image, it does not however show me how to modify the script to include other fields.<BR><BR>I checked all the FAQ&#039;s and examples they have and it doesn&#039;t show it anywhere. Can someone that knows the program help me?<BR><BR>This is their input string.<BR><BR>&#060;%<BR> Set Upload = Server.CreateObject("Persits.Upload.1")<BR> Upload.OverwriteFiles = False<BR> Upload.Save "C:uploaded"<BR><BR> On Error Resume Next<BR> For Each File in Upload.Files<BR> File.ToDatabase "DSN=screen2", "insert into Images(Filename, Image1) values(&#039;" & File.Path & "&#039;, ?)"<BR> if Err &#060;&#062; 0 Then<BR> Response.Write "Error saving the file: " & Err.Description<BR> Else<BR> Response.Write "The image has been uploaded" <BR> End If<BR> Next<BR>%&#062;