so when do we get next version ???

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Thread: so when do we get next version ???

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    Default so when do we get next version ???

    Ok, heh, i know languages are always being developed... just wondered if there has been any information released about a future version of asp... i dunno, but i&#039;d like to see some more integrated things in it like php (like mail, upload, image manipulation, etc)... i think that would make asp that much more sweeter...<BR><BR>so, back to the original question, does anyone know anything about any future versions of ASP?

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    Euh... you haven&#039;t heard the buzz word yet? ASP.NET? This is the newest version that&#039;s now in "beta" and should come out within the next year. Read about it,<BR><BR>As well, has articles on ASP.NET, Scott Mitchell has writen extensively on this. <BR><BR>Also, related to this is C# as well as VB.NET languages are part of this .NET framework. (I would bank on C# personally as being the better of the 2... so is Microsoft).<BR><BR>Hope this helped out in any way,<BR><BR><BR>Vadim C.

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    thank you very much for that information!!! i will check that out... !!! thanks:)

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