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    I am performing a search on an access database and I&#039;m returning the results. I want the results to have a number next to each result ( 1. result, 2. result, 3. result, etc.). I don&#039;t want the number to come from the database becuase each row will be unique and if I delete a row, that will leave a missing number when I display my recordset ( 1. result, 2. result, 4. result, etc.). <BR><BR>I want the numbers to be generated when I&#039;m doing the loop for the recordset. Perhaps in a counter or something? However, when I add a counter to my recordset and I set the pagesize to 5, it will display the first page fine but when I hit the next button, it restarts at the number 1. again. I want the number sequence to pick up at 6. and so on. <BR><BR>Can anyone help with this? Thank you.

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    I assume that you have a variable that indicates the current page number and a counter that goes between 1 and pagesize. Use this when you calculate the number value i.e.<BR><BR> recNum = pagesize*(pageNumber-1) + cint(counter)

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