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    Has anyone else run across this?<BR>I&#039;m setting a cookie to hold a single user preference, caught from a form:<BR>varFormValue = Request.form("userLoc")<BR>Response.cookies("userL oc") = varFormValue<BR>When I go to retrieve the value on another page:<BR>varUserLoc = Request.cookies("userLoc")<BR>everything works fine unless the user is on a Mac with IE &#060; 5...<BR>they get a 404 Object Not Found error.<BR><BR>thanks for any input - no idea will go to waste<BR>pez<BR>

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    No I haven&#039;t seen anything like that....but I have come<BR>across a number of wierd things when using Mac OS 9.04<BR>and Explorer 5.00.<BR><BR>I have a e-site made to 95% with VBScript, when Mac users with <BR>above specification clicks on buttons nothing happens, they have <BR>to "stop" the page using the stop button on the browser. Then if <BR>they reload, the page everything works great.<BR><BR>Even more strange, the browser ignore MsgBox commands...ughh!!<BR><BR>You might have read my questions on this answers..<BR>it seems as if Mac folks have to start a board of their own..:))<BR><BR>Very best...<BR><BR>Kennet

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