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    Arvind SR Guest

    Default Using VB Collection objects in ASP

    [ This perhaps should be posted to the "Components" forum, but here it is: ]<BR><BR><BR>we are working on a proj which uses already developed COMs. within these COMs, collections objects are being used. we are using dictionery object within a wrapper class to access these collection objects. is this the only way? if there are any alternatives, pls respond asap.<BR><BR>thanx in adv.<BR><BR>Arvind

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    Prashant B. Kulkarni Guest

    Default Instead of using Wrapper class use Recordset Objec

    Insted of using the Wrapper class to store the key pair values you can use the recordset object to do this.<BR><BR>using recordset object will alow all the recordset methords to be used like filter, move first, move next and etc<BR><BR>possible example<BR>note for this example to work you should include in your page.<BR><BR>set ResRs=server.CreateObject("ADODB.recordset")ResRs. Fields.Append "MyField",adChar,255<BR>ResRs.Fields.Append "MyField1",adChar,255 <BR>ResRs.Open <BR><BR>ResRs.AddNew <BR>ResRs("MyField")="prashant"<BR>ResRs("MyField1 ")="Kulkarni"<BR>ResRs.Update <BR><BR>ResRs.MoveFirst() <BR>do while not ResRs.EOF <BR>Response.Write ResRs("MyField")<BR>Response.Write ResRs("MyField1") <BR>ResRs.MoveNext <BR>loop<BR>

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