Hi! folks <BR><BR>I launched a e-site for a couple of days ago: <BR><BR>www.norwool.com.<BR><BR>Everything works almost to a 100% in a PC with Explorer 5.00.<BR>There are still things to be done, but isn’t it always...:)<BR><BR>One of my friends have a Macintosh with OS 9.04 and Explorer<BR>5.00. He have a fairly fast T1 connection<BR><BR>When he clicks on buttons in my site nothing happens most of the<BR>times, he must click the ”stop” button in the browser, and then <BR>click reload, then things appear in a correct way. <BR>Strange is that occasionally things works just fine without above<BR>procedure.<BR><BR>Further more, his browser just ignore MsgBox commands (VBScript)<BR>...its so very weird...<BR><BR>My question: What is causing this failure, is it his OS, or the browser,<BR>or a combination.....I would very much appreciate any answer,<BR>comment, whatever....<BR><BR><BR>Thanks in advance.....<BR>Kennet<BR>