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    Mike Babin Guest

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    Does anybody know of any ASP functions that can calucate Future/Present value of money (IE. Intrest/Mortgage Calculator)?<BR><BR>Thanks.

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    el ganĂ² Guest

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    Got a VB app to do it. lemme know and i can send it to you

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    Default Not write.

    But why do this in ASP? It&#039;s so much simpler to just use JavaScript code in the load on the server, etc., etc.<BR><BR>You can see one that I wrote (in highly compressed form, becuz it was for a contest that put a max size on the HTML page of 5K bytes) at<BR><BR>Let&#039;s see...the basic formula is<BR><BR>LoanAmt = PaymentAmt * ( ( 1 - (1 + monthlyInterestRate) ^ (- numberOfMonths) ) / monthlyInterestRate )<BR><BR>I think that&#039;s right. Off the top of my head.<BR><BR>

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