What's the best DB?

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Thread: What's the best DB?

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    Default What's the best DB?

    What's the best DB to use with ASP?! ACCESS, SQL SERVER,...?!

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    Depends on what you are doing.<BR><BR>You want small, easy, and cheap? Access.<BR>You want dependable, scalable, secure, and fast? SQL Server.<BR>Just my opinion of course.<BR>I can&#039;t speak for MySql, Oracle, DB2, Yard, or any of the other numerous DB&#039;s that I haven&#039;t had an opportunity to use.<BR>HTH

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    &nbsp;<BR>A Rolls Royce limousine?<BR><BR>Oh, did I forget that I intend to haul 10 tons of coal in the back seat 120 miles each way, twice a day?<BR><BR>

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