S.SUDHIR KUMAR MicroSoft Certified Professional for Visual Basic 6.0<BR>Tel # 201-386-9269<BR>Email : sudhirsh@usa.net<BR>______________________________ __________________________________________________ ______<BR><BR>¨ A total of 31/2 Years of experience in Software design, Coding, Testing and Re-engineering projects covering a wide range of applications.<BR>¨ Worked with one of the leading software companies in India Infosys Technologies Ltd ,A company which is at CMM level-4. <BR>¨ Extensive hands on experience in developing applications using ASP , Visual Basic 6.0 with MS SQL Server MS-Access <BR>¨ Created Activex Dlls Using VB 6.0<BR>¨ Having good experience in ADO and COM technologies.<BR>¨ Having Good knowledge on XML DOM <BR>¨ Expertise in Web technologies such as ASP, XML, JavaScipt,VBScript,HTML,Visual Interdev, IIS 4.0 and MTS<BR>¨ Effectively implemented IIS security and MTS transactions in web projects<BR>¨ Have done both server validations and client validations using VBscript and Java Script in ASP<BR>¨ MicroSoft Certified Professional for Visual Basic 6.0<BR>¨ Brainbench Certified ASP Programmer<BR>¨ Development, Implementation and Onsite Management experience in South Africa and Australia <BR>¨ Worked as a Project Leader and good in VSS(Source Control), MSP(Scheduling)<BR>¨ Good in understanding business process and client interaction<BR>¨ Adaptive in learning new technologies<BR>¨ Possessing good interpersonal skills <BR><BR>