Hi all !<BR><BR>I&#039m pretty new to ASP, so I have a problem<BR>with refreshing 2 frames at once.<BR><BR>Here is my situation:<BR><BR>I use a few frames, but let&#039s focusing on<BR>only one frame, which is the problematic for me.<BR>I have a larger frame named MAIN. <BR><BR>Currently this frame "shows" a page named "main.htm". <BR>I this page there is a link which when clicked must <BR>load in the same frame (MAIN) page "computers.htm"<BR>which has another two(2) frames: named LEFT and RIGHT.<BR>(That means there are another two frames "under" frame<BR>MAIN which splitt MAIN into left and right area).<BR><BR><BR>My wish: when link is clicked frame LEFT should load<BR>page "a.htm" AND frame RIGHT should load page "b.htm".<BR>(that means that frame MAIN is "overlayed" with frames<BR>LEFT and RIGHT) !!<BR><BR>Is it possible ??<BR><BR>Thanks in advance<BR><BR>Regard<BR>Stanko