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    I am trying to implement named templates and hitting an error which states xsl:call-template cannot be used here. I have gone to sites and confirmed that my code is correct. If anyone can send some feedback about this function it will be great. My code is as follows<BR><BR>&#060;xsl:template name="setthecolor"&#062;<BR> This is a test<BR>&#060;/xsl:template&#062;<BR><BR>I am calling the above named template as<BR><BR>&#060;xsl:call-template name="setthecolor" /&#062;<BR><BR>Thanx !

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    Not to sure but it could be your namespaces? <BR><BR>Try changing them? Might work?<BR><BR>I had the same kinda error and changed my xlmns:xsl<BR><BR>s.

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