my boss and I were discussing my methods of connectivity the other day. I write out my connection string in my asp page, identifying the driver, db, login & id etc etc. He writes his connection string in an include file. Our question is which is faster? <BR><BR>I would think that putting the connection in an include file would make the total connection process slower because the asp page first has to download the include file the process the include before it can go on processing the rest of the asp page.<BR><BR>I can see the relevance for putting it in an include file or setting it up in a global.asa for security reasons and quick changeability(one change and the whole site is updated), but does it really matter if the only people who are going to be seeing the page are people who already know the ids and passwords anyway?<BR><BR>The other thing is that there have been other programmers before me and their styles of coding are all different. Should I take the time to clean up the code to be uniform throughout(using standard naming conventions & processes) or just leave it? <BR><BR>