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    Can anyone tell me why I would get an error while trying to select from one table, but if I switch tables it works fine. My program checks for errors with this bof = rs.BOF. If I get 0 open is true and anything else is false.

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    Default code please


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    SET rs = cn.Execute( _<BR> "SELECT LocationName FROM Location WHERE CompanyID = " &_<BR> CSTR( Session("CompanyID") ) )<BR>response.write "before"<BR><BR>&#039;&#039;HERE IS WHERE IT IS BREAKING&#039;&#039; <BR>&#039;&#039;IT PRINTS OUT before BUT NOT after&#039;&#039;<BR> <BR>IF CheckError( cn, "" ) THEN EXIT SUB<BR>response.write "after"<BR> IF NOT rs.EOF THEN<BR><BR> events = rs.GetRows( -1 )<BR><BR> ELSE<BR><BR> events = null<BR><BR><BR>The wierd thing is if I change tables it works fine. I check all the variable names in my database and the program. They all match and I don&#039;t know where to go from here.

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