This is part one of a two problem question.<BR><BR>Hi!<BR>As simple as I can explain this problem:<BR>1. I have an ASP script named join1.asp (the 1 denotes the second trial at creating this script; ignore this).<BR>2. Purpose of ASP Script: To allow people to join my organization.<BR>3. Script is setup in stages. First stage is the primary join form and second stage is the form validation and SQL insert statement.<BR>4. Problem lies in the form validation.<BR><BR>One of the fields in my form is a multiple select box. In the primary join form, they are asked to select their "Real-Life Experience". If there is an error in their information that they input (which is checked in the second stage, form validation), in any field what-so-ever (not just the Real-Life Experience field), the script is to display the form once more with all the information they inputted so they can fix whatever is wrong. However, when it tries to show their real-life-experiences, only one thing gets selected ("None"). What code do I need to use to get it so that it will automatically highlight/select the values they already entered in the previous stage? This might be a little trickier than you;s the code that I use to populate the select box (I was lazy and decided I&#039;d use a routine to populate it instead of typing it over and over):<BR><BR>---------------------------------------------------<BR>&#060;td valign="top"&#062;&#060;font face="Arial" size="2" color="#04426B"&#062;Real-Life Experience:&#060;/td&#062;<BR>&#060;td valign="top"&#062;&#060;select size="10" name="RealLifeExper" multiple style="color: #04426B; background-color: #FFFFFF; border : 0; border-style: solid; border-color: #04426B"&#062;<BR><BR>&#060;%<BR><BR>&#039;Recover all the real-life experience possibilities and and populate a multiple select field accordingly.<BR>sqlRealLifeExper="SELECT * FROM RealLifeExper ORDER BY RealLifeExperNum asc"<BR>Set rsRealLifeExper = Conn.Execute(sqlRealLifeExper)<BR><BR>While NOT rsRealLifeExper.eof<BR>If rsRealLifeExper("RealLifeExperName") = varRealLifeExper Then<BR>Response.Write("&#060;option selected&#062;" & rsRealLifeExper("RealLifeExperName") & "&#060;/option&#062;")<BR>Else<BR>If rsRealLifeExper("RealLifeExperName") = "None" Then<BR>Response.Write("&#060;option selected&#062;" & rsRealLifeExper("RealLifeExperName") & "&#060;/option&#062;")<BR>Else<BR>Response.Write("&#060;op tion&#062;" & rsRealLifeExper("RealLifeExperName") & "&#060;/option&#062;")<BR>End If<BR>End If<BR><BR>rsRealLifeExper.MoveNext<BR><BR>WEND<BR> <BR>%&#062; <BR><BR><BR>%&#062;<BR><BR>&#060;/select&#062;<BR>-----------------------------------------<BR><BR>Some how, I need to detect whether or not the current rsRealLifeExper("RealLifeExperName") is equal to one of the experiences they selected in the previous stage and highlight accordingly.<BR><BR>Any advice is welcomed. If I have to, I&#039;ll just type in the options manually instead of using the loop to display them so that way I can write whatever code I have to.<BR><BR><BR><BR>Thanks,<BR><BR><BR>Michael<BR>< BR>P.S. A live example of this script is running right now at:<BR>Go here if you want to see the script in action. To see the problem, type in anything you want when you see the first form, but make sure to mess up in one of the fields (for instance, leave off your last name.) and make sure that you select more than one thing for the real life experience box (LOL, even if you don&#039;t know what the heck a airplane is). Then hit Join; you&#039;ll notice that when you get the error page, the real life experience box no longer has the values you highlighted! Hint Hint: This is probably the best way to understand my problem. Also, if you try to go to the address and can&#039;t - keep trying as my computer sometimes has "Internet farts" and looses it&#039;s internet for a few minutes at a time. Thanks again!