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    Leo Schoonbroodt Guest

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    How can I select wich table to query in a database from within an ASP page, without creating another ASP page with a modified database result set?<BR>In other words, I want to select the table to query from an input field.<BR>You can send answers to:<BR>Thanks for any reaction<BR>Leo

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    build the querystring. very simple if you think about it.<BR><BR>j

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    Leo Schoonbroodt Guest

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    My problem is that I dont know how to use a "Global" variable in ASP. I would like to query a table, and use the value from the database result set (from within frontpage) in other ASP pages.<BR>Until now I have managed to use it in a second Active Server Page, but when i fill in a Form on that page and want to send the contents of that form to a third page, my variable is inaccessible in that third form. <BR>Can anybody help?

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