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    Hi,<BR>I am usign OWC.Chart for dinamic graphs generation from ASP page, but there is one problem with it i cannot solve.I am getting my data from a database and values along X axis are dates. There are a lot of rows of data and i want to put as many values along X axis as possible. To do that i need to change alignment of values to be displayed vertically instead of horisontally. Is that possible?<BR>I went through the documentation of OWC components but didn&#039;t find anything about it. I know that MS Excel allows you to do that, so i thought it should be possible to do so with owc.chart component as well<BR> <BR><BR>Thanks in advance<BR>Nikolai Oulmassov

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    Why dont you try the Compsys IntrChart graph and chart component?<BR><BR>Try the FREE evaluation download at <BR><BR>http://www.compsysaus.com.au/IntrChart/Index.asp<BR><BR>and dont hesitate to contact us for any questions or further information.

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