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Thread: Hide url in Address bar when using response.redire

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    Default Hide url in Address bar when using response.redire

    [ Moved here from Moderated Advanced forum since it is not an ASP question. This one is strictly for the browser-side people. See also http://www.aspfaqs.com/aspfaqs/ShowFAQ.asp?FAQID=49, which isn&#039;t a direct answer but gives the essence of why you can&#039;t do anything of this nature via Response.Redirect. -- Editor ]<BR><BR>How do I hide the url from appearing on the address bar of the browser when I redirect to a page using the response.redirect. Also is there a way to hide all the extra information in the url, other than the default website name (e.g showing always http://myserver.my.com instead of http://myserver.my.com/xxy/yz/123.asp). That is it doesn&#039;t matter what the user clicks on , it should always show only the default web site. <BR><BR>Thx<BR><BR>

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    Default Short answer: You can't.

    See the mentioned ASPFAQ for the reason.<BR><BR>Longer answer: You *could* send out a page that used JavaScript to open a window that doesn&#039;t have an address bar and then close the main window. Looks a little ugly as the user will see at least a flicker on the screen, even if you are real careful about positioning the new window on top of the old, but it would work.<BR><BR>

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    Default RE: Hide url in Address bar when using response.re

    Answer to the second part.<BR><BR>If you use frames eg menuframe and mainframe in the index page. the url will always show as the original in the address bar

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