I have an access database which I have put online to enable people in different geographic locations to input information. I have been using ASP for this. Everything works fine except I cannot work out how to export the data out of the database, or even export a single table, and have that information emailed to me for further processing. I do not have access to the Web server as it is hosted with a third party. Any ideas?<BR><BR>[EDITOR: I&#039;m not sure why this post is in "Components" since it seems to me that it is a simple question for the "Databases" (non-moderated) forum. But I&#039;m going to assume that the author is looking for a component-based answer (why? If he is hosted on a third party, he probably can&#039;t install a component, anyway?) and let it through. Maybe somebody has some good ideas?<BR><BR>TO Graeme: If you don&#039;t need or can&#039;t use a component-based solution, for the reason I noted, then try posting this in the Databases forum. It&#039;s reasonably easy to do without a component, though admittedly with limitations.]<BR><BR>