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    for whatever the reason is,<BR><BR>Netscape takes forever my bboard asp script.<BR><BR>First, I thought my ASP just killed Netscape, but then it was just dead slow loading time of Netscape. I wont respond for a minute or so, and then boom, it shows up the correct ASP, whereas IE will load ASP within 5 secs.<BR><BR>Can anybody help me solving this terrible loading problem?<BR><BR>Thx!

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    Default Nothing to do with ASP, likely...

    Remember, your ASP code *actually* simply sends HTML to the browser. And unless you have something in your ASP code that detects *which* browser somebody is using, then it sends *exactly* the same HTML to *any* browser.<BR><BR>So...<BR><BR>We have to assume that the fault lies in your HTML. Perhaps you have a lot of client-side JavaScript? Or a lot of font changes? Or complex tables? And Netscape is simply slower about rendering this stuff than MSIE is?<BR><BR>TO PROVE WHAT I&#039;VE JUST SAID:<BR><BR>In MSIE, after the ASP page comes up, do a "VIEW &#124 SOURCE" to see the HTML you sent to the browser. **SAVE** that file someplace on your machine! (Even in c: emp.html would be fine!)<BR><BR>Now, close the browser. Open a new browser. Open the *HTML* file, instead of the ASP page (e.g., type "file://c:html" into the browser address line). See how long the process takes.<BR><BR>*NOW* do the last step *ONLY* with Netscape. That is, bring up Netscape and type "file://c:/html" into the URL area. See how long *this* process takes. If it takes forever, then you can clearly see that ASP has nothing to do with problem! If it *is* an HTML problem, then maybe it&#039;s time to start analyzing your generated HTML and see what you can change to make it more efficient!<BR><BR>If it is *not* an HTML problem, then by all means tell us about it! I would like to see how the type of browser could influence ASP delivery speed. It&#039;s not impossible, I suppose...but I just don&#039;t see how.<BR><BR>

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