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    I need to know how to make a popup window using an if statement. Here is the code I am using...<BR>&#060;% If RS.fields.getvalue(0) = "True" then<BR> [open Popup somehow]<BR> end if<BR>%&#062;<BR>The if statement works fine, because I was able to write out the value to the ASP page. But, I have been using javascript for the popup (which works normally) but, I can&#039;t seem to make it work.<BR>

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    Well<BR><BR><BR>have a function .....<BR><BR> function postalias(id)<BR> {<BR> mywin = window.open("../../popup/aliasform.asp?rid="+id,"WIN","Status=no,location=n o,width=370,height=250,scrollbars=yes,left=300,top =200")<BR> <BR> mywin.focus(); <BR> }<BR><BR>if ... then<BR><BR> response.write "&#060;script...."<BR> respone.write callpopupfunction<BR> response.write "&#060;/script&#062;"<BR>..<BR>end if<BR><BR>this is of course, semi pseudo but it should get you rollin&#039;

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    Sounds great, and I know you know what you are doing, but i&#039;m pretty stupid. So, I&#039;ll ask...<BR>after if...then<BR><BR>use the actual response.write "&#060;script...." ?<BR> what are the dots?<BR>And how do I call the function? It didn&#039;t work the way I know how.<BR>

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    Any chance I could get some help on this?

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