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Thread: how do you write into a word template

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    I have a word template given to me. I have to get information that is submitted onto a form on a .htm page into this word template.......with the corresponding entries going into the correct spaces in the word template. The word document then has to be sent as an attachment via email. Plus the information has to be stored in a database but i know how to do that bit!!<BR><BR>Is this possible? How do you do it? Please Please help. It needs to be done yesterday!!<BR><BR>Thankyou Malcolm

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    Word has it&#039;s own code. Whoever came up with that needs to rethink it. A word doc as an e-mail attachment??? What a waste of resources. You might try recreating the word doc template on an HTML page and skip a step. Then just code the e-mail with the HTML.

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