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    I am using a CDONTS object to auto-send mail when a user fills out a form. This is working great. However, now I want the "reply-to" to be different. can the reply-to and the From be differnt values? If so, how do you specify the reply address?<BR><BR>cdonts.reply and cdont.reply-to dont work<BR>(i want to keep cdonts.from as it is if at all possible)

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    Without seeing your code I can only guess at how you are getting the info. From a form? A database? You&#039;ll have to work this code in but ...<BR><BR>strReplyto = request("reply") or<BR>strReplyto = rs("reply")<BR><BR>Then add that strReplyto in your code to create the mail.

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    as far as i understand it the CDONTS.newmail object does not support a different reply to address than from address.

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