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    It appears to me that my Session_OnEnd function never gets called. I can do Session.Abandon, I can set the Timout to 1 minute and wait, but nothing ever happens. Session_OnStart got called just fine.<BR><BR>There are two things that make me think it is not getting called. First, I have a Response.Write at the top that never produces any output. Second, I have code that modifies a database record, and that modification never happens. (The code works fine if I call it directly).<BR><BR>This is PWS/Windows 98. Is PWS just broken (as I have found it to be in many other ways) or is something else going on?

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    As far as i know the session_onend will get called if you call the session.abandon but is a little buggy when the session timesout....i have never needed the session_onend to fire but i have never heard of a problem where it does not fire when you abandon the session...<BR><BR>

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