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    When my default ASP page is loaded, a new session starts (this is correct behavior). When I click a regular link (&#060;a href="filename"&#062; to another .ASP file, it loads properly.<BR>However, when I use &#060;a href="javascript: void;"&#062; to open an .ASP file in a new window, a new session gets started (i.e Session_OnStart is called)...AND an automatic dialup happens even though the file is local. Neither thing happens for any other file, OR for the problem file when it is loaded via a regular link.<BR><BR>I am using PWS/Windows 98, Homesite 4.5.2.<BR><BR>Is this expected? SHOULD I be getting a new session just because I&#039;m loading it in a new window (the new window is a "pop-up" type window that the user will use and then close)? And what about dialing up just to access //localhost?

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    Default That is a BUG as far as i am concerned...

    IN the browsers IE4 and 5 MS had an option where you could "launch in a new process" so if you opened a new window, it would create a new session for that had the option to set this off and not have a problem.<BR><BR>With IE 5.01 MS as usual became too creative and did something stupid. They removed that option.<BR><BR>Now what happens is, it is automatically enabled or disabled based on the amount of RAM you have on you machine. <BR><BR>If you have less than about 32 MB of RAM it will open in the same process as in the new window will share the same process as your original window.<BR><BR>If there is more RAM it will open the new window in a new you will loose all your session variables and stuff so you will have to pass them as parameters to your new window.<BR><BR>Now this 32 MD RAM is only a standars i think MS has far as i can "guess" it all depends on the amount of FREE memory you have so even if you have more than 32 MB RAM but have a lot of memory intensie application running it will open in the new browser in the same process.<BR><BR>Now i heard this is a registry setting...again makes NO sence to me...what do i do, have a message on my web page asking users to go to the registry and make the necesasry changes...<BR><BR>

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