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    We have wrestled with Sessions timing out prematurely for quite some time.<BR>Our IIS 4.0 Web server default timeout is set to 1 hour (3600 seconds).<BR>Our application basically involves logging in (which sets approximately 7-16, 1-12 character session variables, depending on your access level). From there, you have a list of up to 10 data collections applications you have access to. To test out how many additional session variables any one of the ten application on average may set, I looked through the code and come up with somewhere around 9 session variables (again, these are 1-12 character variables). So we&#039re looking at an average of around 16 or so session variables one user session will set.<BR><BR>Our Web server is running with 128 mb RAM hitting Oracle. We are having reports of people logging in, going to a page in their application, setting at that page and entering in some data over as little as a 3-5 minute period, and losing their session.<BR><BR>Any advice on anything we can tune on our server or what to monitor when someone reports the problem? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.<BR><BR>Lainie Smith<BR>

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    First of all, make sure in your IIS Internet Service Manager that you have set your session timeout to 60 minutes instead of 3600 minutes. The configuration setting your talking about expects minutes, not seconds. 3600 minutes would keep all sessions alive for 60 hours. This would kill your server performance eventually.<BR><BR>Second, make sure you are not using data connections at the session scope. This is a real performance killer. Open your data connections at the ASP page level.<BR><BR>Third, increase your RAM. 256 is about where you want to be these days.

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