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    sorry for posting it across forums<BR><BR>can we really force IE to download a page instead of showing it on the browser window, I have to store two versions of the same file with a different extesion, one is used while the user tries to view it on the browser and the other one when the user tries to download (since the IE opens the file on the browser i store with a .zip extensiona and inform the user to change the extension while downloading) if there is a way to force the IE to download instead of opening the file in the browser i can really save some space on the server, have any one tried forcing the IE to download instead of opening, in that case please suggest me how to achiven that. any kind of usefull info is welcome, if u have any codes or examples please mail to Thank you

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    get a third party component like ASPUpload it allows you to upload files to and download files from your webite<BR><BR>very nice component I love it

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