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    If I may ask a javascript question. I am getting an error ("document.fmContact.Mode.value is NULL or not an object") when the second function is called. The first finction fires fine. The hidden object is inside my form and I am giving it&#039;s value inside the function. Can anyone help?<BR><BR>Thanks<BR><BR>function edtAcct() {<BR> document.fmLoginInfo.Mode.value = "AcctInfo";<BR> document.fmLoginInfo.submit();<BR>}<BR>function edtContact() {<BR> document.fmContact.Mode.value = "AcctContact";<BR> document.fmContact.submit();<BR>}

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    1. Check for case sensitivity<BR>2. This problem just happened to me on Monday. Make sure that your JS functions are BELOW the hidden fields you&#039;re trying to set (I had them in the &#060;HEAD&#062; before, and got the same error). Once I moved it down below the hidden fields, everything worked fine.

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